The Optimal Sanitation Device

During a time of aggressive transmissions in viruses, Chipmate is here to provide your casino with the utmost sanitation, within the most efficient timeframes possible.

Over 6,000 chips per hour sanitized to 99% free of bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus

Chips are washed with a special cleaner to disinfect, heated to 150°F for sanitation, and additionally treated with UVC light ; all done simultaneously

Provides a light shine to the chips, making them look clean and assisting in preventing additional dirt and grime build up

Why Chipmate?

Chipmate provides the following additional features for ease of use:

MOBILE: Can operate as a STANDALONE DEVICE or be attached to inhouse plumbing, also operates on 115 Vac, 20-amp breaker, 50/60 Hz, making it PLUG AND GO!

FLEXIBLE: Quiet enough to run on the gaming floor or the pit

COMPACT: a footprint of 33.5”x 43”x53”H

Our unique, three-pronged approach to cleaning and sanitizing chips

Enhanced Washing

Chipmate thoroughly cleans poker and casino chips with a specially designed disinfecting solution. Our unique formula removes dirt and grime and eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses while restoring chips’ original shine and texture

High temperature treatment

Hot temperatures can neutralize bacteria and viruses, so Chipmate heats poker and casino chips to 150°F for extra sanitization and drying.

UV-C illumination

Equipped with a high intensity UV-C lamp, Chipmate takes chip disinfection to the next level. Commonly used to sanitize medical equipment, UV-C illumination is an effective method for destroying bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

Chipmate adapts to your needs and your space

High speed cleaning

100+ chips are cleaned and sanitized per minute, making Chipmate easy to incorporate into current casino workflows and conducive to frequent chip cleaning.

Clean chips anywhere

Place Chipmate in the back room or right on the casino floor. Its compact 33.5”x43”x53” size and quiet operation means Chipmate can be located where you need it. It can be connected to in-house plumbing or operated as a standalone device. Chipmate plugs into a standard wall outlet (20 Amp breaker, 115 VAC, single phase).

Safe for chips, safe for operators

Suitable for all chip materials

Chipmate cleans and sanitizes clay, ceramic, and plastic chips while restoring their shine and texture. Embedded RFID tags are unharmed by Chipmate processes.


Chipmate is easy to use and does not require special training. Its enclosed apparatus protects operators and casino guests from moving parts, heat, and exposure to UV-C light.